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TRI Service Tracking

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Affordable Service Management Software

Welcome to the The Repair Institute website!

Since 2018, The Repair Institute has offered a complete  software management tool to the service industry. Specifically targeted at the brown goods section but equally available as white goods & any similar goods.

We strive to provide repair companies with the tools to provide an excellent quality service to there clients  whilst maximising  profitability by giving full control & monitoring of the entire process.


At The Repair Institute, our software offers:

  • Full Repair cycle tracking.
  • Spare Part stock management.
  • Accounting & Pricing automation.
  • Warranty & Account Rate definition.
  • Tailored printing for forms & receipts
  • Full reporting & auditing of database.
  • Inbuilt Postcode & address completion
  • Automated Email & SMS messaging.
  • Software installation, training and support.
  • Ongoing development & system integration.
  • Available as stand alone, own server, SQL server & Azure platforms


If you have a question, please  send an e-mail using the form below.

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We do not retail the software, members join a user group, which funds support, development & integration .

The more we grow the more we improve our ability to influence the industry & serve our customers.

There is a initial fee for set up & training. Ongoing costs for use of the SMS & Postcode search.

Technical Repair also Available

We also offer a repair service for special projects, such as redundant product in industrial installations. We recently produced a solution for the SMT-2000R used in a large number of Care Home sites, saving them a huge re-investment cost & extending the life of there systems.

Similarly we produced a package for a range of antique studio & home audio equipment replacing old disc drives with USB replacements to enable their continued operation.

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